C&O 12392-12999 single door boxcars

octoraro1948 <octoraro1@...>

I have a waybill for C&O 12889 and wish to model the car. In 2005 and last October (2009) there were some discussions about C&O's 12000-series auto box cars. From those discussions, I understand that this single door car was in the series 12392-12999 rebuilt from ex-Hocking Valley double-sheathed cars in 1941 and 1942 with steel sides. The discussion said the 8'-8" interior height was retained as were the 7/8 inverse Murphy ends and the Z-section steel frame was visible along the side sills below the floor line. Another post said that Climax radial roofs were used. None of the posts I saw identified the type of door, the opening of which was 6'-6" x 8'-2", used on the rebuilt cars.

I've been looking for HO models to use as a basis for this car that will need, I imagine, scratchbuilt sides and a Climax radial roof from some other kit.

I would appreciate any suggestions for modeling this car and sources for diagrams, drawings, or photos of these rebuilt single door boxcars.

Thank you.

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ

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