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I'm doing the 103W as a USAX car, and am about ready to letter it. In reviewing the kit (RMJ 4/96 p 56), Richard Hendrickson used Walthers decal set 131380. Walthers no longer catalogue their own decals. Does anyone know of a source for this set, or another source for an HO scale Army Transportation Corps logo? I think I can cobble up the rest of the lettering from other sets.


Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Al Brown wrote:
Plano Model Products sell etched-metal Apex running boards and dome
platforms for the Red Caboose car: their part #306. Usual
disclaimer: no business relationship, just a happy customer.

(Smack talk: I will show this car at Cocoa Beach. But, I'm not
saying which year!)
The Plano parts are nice, indeed. Tell you what, Al--you bring
your car and I'll bring mine. Mine is a project Jim Hayes started,
cutting down a Red Caboose tank to 4000-gallon size. He passed it on
to me, and I've detailed it, including cut-down Plano running boards
and dome platforms, new dome top equipment, brake gear, etc., and my
own decals for Stauffer Chemical.

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