Re: RPM Etiquette

Tim O'Connor

Back at Naperville a few years ago, I did move several models (not
really picking them up, but I did use my fingers) to get them lighted
better or to move them out of the way of something else. I was very
careful but I shouldn't have done it. I know some folks are extremely
sensitive about such things. When I brought stuff to Naperville I saw
some respectful handling of my models... And one of the Loftons actually
dropped my Sunshine gondola, crushing the end. Stuff happens. I fixed it.

Tim O'Connor

I am one who was guilty of touching the models. I moved some of Stan
Rydarowicz's reefers to get better pictures. But the pictures are used for
the web page I've created for his products on my Sunshine website. And I'm
not a 'pick up everything' kind of guy. There are a number of 'Do Not Touch'
signs on the table but maybe more are needed.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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