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Hmmm, If he had done that to a car of mine, he wouldn't have walked away.........
Maybe limped.
Joe Binish
Freight Car Ninja

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Several years ago, I was asked to do a weathering clinic in Spokane, WA and naturally I brought along some of my built up models - making it almost like a mini RPM meet. After the clinic, and as I was standing right there, some guy walked up to the table and grabbed a Detail Associates GS gondola that I had totally stripped to the bone and rebuilt to match a NP prototype. It was oil weathered and had a timber load in it - that I was a board-by-board load. He grabbed it like it was a banana sitting there, wrapping his fingers around the car. He flipped it over to look at the underframe - oddly enough with four of his fingers blocking the view. Needless the say, the air left my lungs and all I could say was, "I've got 55 hours in that car!! What are you doing?!?" He just froze, I mean like Michelanglo's Statue of David. I very carefully peeled back his fingers and extracted the car from his grasp. Upon inspecting it for damage I quickly saw that just about every brake rod was bend and other details were damaged. I looked at him with shock on my face, he looked at me completely emotionless, and without saying a word turned and walked away like nothing happened.




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