Re: Red Caboose 103W welded tank car (& Cocoa Beach)

Tim O'Connor


I wish there were such a decal set. Red Caboose actually produced this
model lettered USAX, but they chose a number series for a GATC built car
(catalog # RC-3032-x)

Tim O'Connor

I'm doing the 103W as a USAX car, and am about ready to letter it. In reviewing the kit (RMJ 4/96 p 56), Richard Hendrickson used Walthers decal set 131380. Walthers no longer catalogue their own decals. Does anyone know of a source for this set, or another source for an HO scale Army Transportation Corps logo? I think I can cobble up the rest of the lettering from other sets.


Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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