WMRX (MDT) Insulated Boxcars



I would like to model several of these cars leased by the WM in 1956. These were originally built by MDT in sept 1931 apparently for Northern Refrigerator Line. Here's a pic previously referenced during the much discussed "swaged or lapper rivet seams" http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/images/wmrx-9.jpg

I am having trouble finding a good starting point for these as they seem much taller than most Refrig. cars of this era and have some sort of 5/3 Despatch looking end. Any suggestions or additional info on these would be appreciated. I have done the artwork for decals so I'm anxious to build one one this winter!

Some other info I have on these:

 IH 9'-3"

EXH 14'-9" (rail to running board)

Doors: 8' x 8.5' Camel "sliding" (plug door)

CU FT 3155

ROOF - SREMCo ("flat panel")

Insulation - 4"  Ultralite sides, ends, roof, 2.5" Hairfelt floor.


Jeff Adams


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