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Charles Hladik

Good thought, however, that makes too much sense.
Chuck Hladik

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While this is a genuinely worthy topic for discussion much of what has been
said has not really been constructive. We have all agreed that models
should be picked up only with permission. That point is settled.

Are we to be an incestuous group, unwelcoming to newcomers and beginners?
Or are we just about the most clever group ever assembled and entirely
capable of finding a simple, intelligent way to, on the one hand, protect
models from finger prints and damage and, on the other hand, find a way to
satisfy the curiosity of others - or is theirs a desire to learn from experts -
and not turn them off to the hobby? After all, their spending supports the
manufacturers we want to keep in business. And perhaps we should refrain
from referring to them by unflattering names, even among ourselves.

Let me offer a suggestion just to get a discussion going. Don't we all
have digital cameras and good photo printers? Six large photos, one of each
side, would go a long way towards showing the model without it being touched.
But we could allow the photos to be handled, couldn't we?

Gene Green

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