Re: WMRX (MDT) Insulated Boxcars

Tim O'Connor

I have this Walthers car -- bought it at least 20 years ago. This
would be an awesome choice for a resin kit, but it's probably too
"modern" for most resin freight car enthusiasts.

Tim O'Connor

At 11/5/2010 05:37 PM Friday, you wrote:
These were rebuilds of the MDT 5000 and 3500 series composite reefers done in 1954-56 using Despatch Ends. Since the rebuild used an older under-frame with a full length side sill, the side panel heights and rivetting arrangment were unique among their steel cars. The WM Historical Society did a custom paint run of a generic Walthers rfgr car quite a few years back. It would be a challenge to model this car accurately. These rebuilds saw service under a variety of reporting marks

Roger Hinman

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