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Per Ian Cranstone's list in CN Lines 7/3, page 27, this car was built by Pullman in April, 1929. The car would have had cast-steel "Bettendorf" trucks when built. CN did not use National Type B trucks until 1938/39 on new car orders.

CN Lines 6/4 has an article by Stafford Swain on CN, GTW, and Central Vermont steel-frame automobile box cars. A Pressed Steel Car Company builder's photo in this issue shows CV 41099 built in March, 1929 with cast-steel trucks. Notable is that this car has a lever handbrake. Perhaps the car in the derailment was so fitted when built?

Here's a photo of the F&C HO kit for this car--

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Steve Lucas.

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Found on the CB&Q Historical site, enjoy! My earlier post about my cars, did these have National B1 trucks when delivered?

Mark Morgan

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