Re: UTLX X-3 Rebuild

Steve and Barb Hile


Looking at the general arrangement drawings of the 8000 and 6500 gallon cars
built in 1937 by ACF, I can see ladders and a step on both sides of the
cars. These cars were also built without the extended “porch” filled in at
the ends of the underframe. So, I am not so sure that these cars were, in
fact, rebuilt. They seem to have come from the builder in this
configuration. It is certain that the X-3 design evolved over the 20 or so
years that the basic design was built.

Copies of the ACF drawings are (or were) available from the Barringer
Library (I think) in St. Louis. Ed Hawkins helped me get these drawings
some years ago and he can correct my memory.

I hope this helps. I need to work on the article I keep threatening.


Steve Hile


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I have been kitbashing three UTLX X-3's two 8,000 gal short tanks
(constructed 1937) and one 6,000 gal short tank (constructed 1939). I model
September 1950.

There are 8,000 gallon cars located at IRM and Mid Continent and there is a
6,000 gallon car located in Arizona. All of those cars have been rebuilt
with the narrow end platform decking meaning square plates in the corners
and they have ladders and safety hardware on both sides of the dome.

I am trying to determine when the cars were rebuilt with these changes? I
have a ¾ view of a 6,000 gallon car in the early 1940's that only has the
ladder on one side and several shots of 10,000 gallon cars taken in several
different decades with the single ladder but I cannot seem to find any
pictures with dates that give me any conclusive evidence of when the cars
were rebuilt. Any ideas?

Shay Stark
Clinton, Utah

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