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My "up close and personal" experience with these cars likely does not replicate well in HO scale. Were I modelling a more recent time, the HO yardmen switching these cars would wear the white disposable Tyvek suits (issued train crews by Columbian Carbon in Hamilton, ON) that I wore when switching these cars. I've thought very briefly about spraying Neolube through the airbrush, but have decided on the far saner expedient of a black wash per your suggestion--which of course contains carbon black!

Thanks for the advice,

Steve Lucas.

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Strange, I have scans of 55 different carbon black cars, and not
one of them is filthy, and only a couple of old cars display any
dirty lettering. Maybe the carbon black that got on them at the
plant just washed off in the first rainstorm that came along?

As for realism, just weather them with... carbon black! :-) It
will stay as long as you dullcote afterwards.

Tim O'Connor

Suggestions for weathering these cars? I had the dubious pleasure of switching a carbon black plant back in the 1990's, and recall oh-so-well just how absolutely filthy these cars were. Between oil caked on the wheel faces from plain bearing trucks, carbon black blowing off the top the the cars, these were some of the dirtiest cars that I ever worked with. And I want to replicate this to scale.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Lucas.

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