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Thanks for the information. The picture is a little less hazy. I have realized that I have taken a couple of generic statements from Ted's tankcar book and Sunshine's x-3 information and construed that these differences must have been part of some type of rebuilding.

I know from what was provided in the Sunshine kit that there is a roster of car numbers based upon volume. But is there a list of car numbers based upon builder and year built. This could be helpful to determine who made what improvements to the cars. I say this because I have seen pictures of a 10,000 gallon car in a museum that has the single ladder and step and retrofitted AB brakes. The car number is 36781. Looking at the placement of the end hazard placard it must have a full end platform as the placard is up next to the tank. This car seems to be the more typical arrangement that I see in period photographs. I am guessing that that such data is not available.

Thanks again,

Shay Stark

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Looking at the general arrangement drawings of the 8000 and 6500 gallon cars
built in 1937 by ACF, I can see ladders and a step on both sides of the
cars. These cars were also built without the extended "porch" filled in at
the ends of the underframe. So, I am not so sure that these cars were, in
fact, rebuilt. They seem to have come from the builder in this
configuration. It is certain that the X-3 design evolved over the 20 or so
years that the basic design was built.

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