Re: Durable Stirrups?

Tim O'Connor

Good idea, Richard, I'll have to try it!

Tim O'Connor

A good point, Tim, but you're correct that those tough plastic steps
tend to fall off, even when affixed with CA, and I regard a step that
falls off (probably to never be seen again) to be as bad as one that
breaks off. However, I have a solution which I should have mentioned
in my earlier post. With side-mounted steps, I cement the kit steps
securely in place and then cut them off flush with the bottom of the
side sill. I then drill holes for the A-Line steps as close as
possible to the outside edges of the side at the locations of the
step attachment points and at an angle such that the steps are at
about a 30 degree angle. Then after the metal steps are secured with
CA, I bend them so they extend downward vertically, or at the same
angle as on the prototype (remember, I annealed the steps so they
bend easily). The result is a metal step which will neither break
nor fall off, and comes close enough in appearance to the prototype
that I'm satisfied. YMMV, of course.

Richard Hendrickson

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