Suncoast Models FGEX Wood Kit

gary laakso

I located in my stash a circa 1972 $9.95 Suncoast Models FGEX wood kit. It has the body of the 12'-11" FGEX car but it has an all wood roof. I assume that it ought to have the steel roof used by FGEX , WFEX and BREX. The wood sides do not have the lower steel reinforcement sill and I am not sure how that can be represented.
I may build this and keep in my "period piece" group to show how very far kits have been transformed to the better. I did build 2 of the WFEX version of the kits, albeit one is much shorter then the other in 1972 and my building skills have improved along with the kits.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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