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Charlie Vlk

It looks like we're back to the 1001 being a unique car. The patch job was the first paint scheme; full paint was later.

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The 1003, 1005, 1006, 1008 were all ex-GPEX General American-Pfaulder
milk tank cars. I wouldn't be surprised if 1002-1009 were all this type.

I think 1001 was unique.

Also I think the "patch job" version of 1001 was its originally second
hand appearance, until it was fully repainted for Chateau Martin. So it
was short lived in that scheme (less than 2 years?).

The scan I have of GPEX 1003 also is a "patch job" where the milk company
lettering is painted out.

Tim O'Connor

At 11/9/2010 02:32 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
>Since my Westerfield ORER collection brackets the dates the 1001-1009 appear, is there any indication that the 1002-1009 were the same type boxcar as the 1001 (which had full Charteau Martin paint and patch job CMWX)?
>A manufacturer is interested in doing these cars in N Scale and wants to know what the cars looked like beyond the two schemes for the 1001.
>Charlie Vlk
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