Re: Ice vs Mechanical Reefers - Off Subject?

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
But as Tony noted unless the cargo is pre-cooled ice was still required. I saw a load of carrots being unloaded once (circa 1968)
from a mech reefer and there was "top ice" (shaved ice) that had obviously been blown over the load through the doors. This also
was a practice used in ice cooled reefers.
I would have said, "ice was still an option." PFE officially ended the "ice age" for refrigeration on all its lines on September 2, 1973, but top icing was still available until 1981. So ice was no longer loaded into bunkers after 1973, but shaved ice could be blown over the tops of loads until 1981. This of course is well beyond the end of the pertinency for this list, but may be of interest to historians.

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