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Wayne was reluctant to send his old blueprints out for copying so all I got were some drawings copied on the copy machine in "patches." They could be pieced together but . . .

Wayne donated the photos and maybe some other material to the Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri St. Louis (I think I have the name correct). I have yet to visit to see what they received but they copies, photos, etc. are sooooooooo expensive.

I don't know if any of the older blueprints went to New York Air Brake but at least some would have. There are lawsuits, you know. I need to contact New York Air Brake and see what they can offer.

Contact me off list. I will certainly help all I can.

Gene Green

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Do you have info (especially diagrams or advertisements) on the Klasing lever hand brakes.  They show up on Pere Marquette cars with vertical shafts from the 1920s.

Al Kresse

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Klasing was sold to New York Air Brake.  All production facilities and recent records have been removed from Joliet.  

Older records went to the dump.  I would have given my left nut for a chance to haul them away or at least have a look.  This is the second time Klasing has disposed of records in such a manner but Wayne Klasing was kind enough to notify me after the fact both times.  And he knew of my interest in hand brakes.

Gene Green

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Klasing is still around,  believe someone bought them out recently. Nick Molo has modern Klasing brake sets.
Rich Christie

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Unusual to see this on a new freight car in 1959

Tim O'Connor


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