Re: black, or blue?


Thank You, Tim, for mentioning the site! I found construction photos of B&O M-55A boxcars!

Mark Morgan

PS don't tell anyone :-)

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Frank & Garth

Thanks I checked further and got other confirmations that it is

solid black with white lettering. Some cars in the 1950's got

solid black with yellow lettering too, and sometimes the brake

wheel and housing were painted a bright yellow! The photo does

make it appear that the sides and ends are different colors, but

the end may have received "car cement" while the sides got glossy

black paint.

Also the running board is clearly unpainted, but I wonder if the

roof was painted or left unpainted?

Tim O'Connor

I don't know off hand if it was this number series, but I have seen colour
photos of solid-black (with white lettering) C&O boxcars, which scheme
dates to some time in the 1950s... going by that, I would say that this
car is also solid black.
Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC
C&O box car paint color?

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