Klasing 1150 hand brake

Gene <bierglaeser@...>

The Klasing 1150 seen in the photo of the Moloco Klasing hand brakes had an enclosed gear and pinion. It was intended mainly for gondolas and hoppers in an effort to keep the "workin's" of the hand brake clean. Even though there was a weep hole in the bottom, the space around the gear would fill with water. In freezing temperatures the brake wouldn't work.

Ajax developed a lever hand brake - 14711 - for flat cars with a similarly enclosed gear. It suffered from the same problem as the Klasing 1150 and didn't last long either - 1964 to 1968.

I have an 1150 in my collection. I have only seen one Ajax 14711. That was on a flat car on Fort Bliss where I had unfettered access and could thoroughly measure and photograph it.

Gene Green

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