Re: B&LE flatcar series 4301-4450

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 14, 2010, at 1:52 PM, Larry Sexton wrote:

Does anyone have or know of any photos or drawing/plans for the B&LE
flatcars in series 4301-4450? I believe they were built in 1941.

Larry Sexton
There were actually two groups of these cars from two different

B&LE class FM5 flat cars in series 4301-4400 were built 2-39 by AC&F,
lot no. 1852. A number of drawings that apply to these cars, including
general arrangement, brake arrangement, underframe members, and wood
floor details are at the Museum of Transportation.

B&LE class FM6 flat cars in series 4401-4450 were built 11-41 by Magor
Car Corp., lot P9780, and a builder's photo was published in the 1943,
1946, 1949/51 and 1953 CBC.

Please contact me off list if interested in the AC&F drawings.
Ed Hawkins

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