Poling pocket placement- tank cars

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I've found no documentation (yet) but that placement seems to make good "safety" sense.

If the pole dislodged it would probably cause less damage. If it was on the end it might be more prone to "puncture" the tank end while the other location would cause more of a "grazing".

Hopefully someone on the group can post doc to show that might be the case or even show I'm wrong.

Gordon Andrews

And I'd still like to see some film loops or video showing poling being done as part of SOP.

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It's a steam-era car in post-steam-era but what caught my eye is the
location of the poling pockets -- at the bolsters! I know that's how
GATC tank cars were built, but I've never seen it on an ACF tank car
(I think this is a Type 27)


Tim O'Connor

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