Re: 33" and 36" Wheels

Jeff Coleman

Keep in mind that during the steam era there were far more wrot steel straight plate wheels (high stress) in service than the more modern curve plate wheels(low stress). Another thing is that all curve plate wheels do not have the same curve, this varies per manufacture.
Also the Black Collar axles were more numerous compared to the more modern Raised Wheel Seat axles that are used today.

Jeff Coleman

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I looked for all sorts of wheels. "one wear" never crossed my mind!


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I want to machine scale wheels to use as a master to make a mold to make a load. I am making the Adapto wheel car that Rock Island converted from the Adapto flats used in the late '50s. It is amazing how much data is available about the wheel tread but none on the web or hub. Also the axle is a mystery.
However, thank you for the suggestions.
Find a copy of the Kalmbach reprint of the 1940 Car Builder's Cyclopedia (via inter library loan if necessary)and you'll have all the information you need. Or, just check the Tichy scenery wheels in a lathe by the tread and machine the gussets off the back, then sand the lettering from the face.

Or, Google "one wear wheels". This link was the first to come up, and has a sectional view of a modern rolled steel wheel:


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