cement travel

Clark Propst

Here are some loads out of the plants in Mason City IA. These are from Milwaukee damage claims, so only box car loads of bags are listed. You can cleck a map for miles if you wish : ) Dates 1954-56

GN Florence Mn.
GN Kindred ND
GN Litchfield Mn.
Milw Akron Ia.
Milw Buffalo Lake Mn.
Milw Carpenter Ia.
Milw Fargo ND
Milw Fargo SD
Milw Garner Ia.
Milw Hague SD
Milw Hull Ia.
Milw Hull Ia.
Milw Jackson Jct. Ia.
Milw Milbank SD
Milw Pipestone Mn.
Milw Rosemount Mn.
Milw Sacred Heart Mn.
Milw Strasburg ND
Milw Stewart Mn.
Milw Stewart Mn.
SOO Belgrade Mn

Milw Buffalo Lake Mn.
Milw Buffalo Lake Mn.
Milw Cannon Falls Mn.
Milw Hastings Mn.
RI Independence Ia.

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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