Re: Gondolas with cement containers


Larry Sexton wrote:

My January 1942 ORER only shows D&H series 15900-15969 as steel gondolas
carrying cement canisters. The photo I have of D&H-15956 shows 5 canisters
in a 12 side-panel gon built April 1942, with an inside length of 46'03",
outside length of 47'08" and 70 ton capacity. While the photo of D&H 15956
shows a fishbelly centersill, the Concept model doesn't appear to match this

Your info on these cars is quite correct, except (according to my data) the number series for the round, air activated, cement canisters cars is 15950-15969; a total of 20 cars. They were built by ACF in 1942, were red when first constructed, but the D&H started painting all of its open hopppers, gons and flats black in that same year, so they were not red for very long.

Yes, the Concept Models car looks to be incorrect at 50'. The D&H cars did have a fishbelly centersill, were 12 panel and had single rib ends.

Covered hoppers took the place of these cars by the mid 1950's, at which time the gons were returned to regular service.

Within this same series I have photos of D&H 15900 and 15905 which appears
to be the same design gondola as D&H-15956 carrying the round cement
canisters. However, these two cars are carrying 12 rectangular Lime/Cement
canisters belonging to the LCL Corporation.
Interesting...I have two D&H freigt car diagram books, one from 1949 and another from 1962. Neither of those books show gons, or any freight cars for that matter numbered 15900-15949? Although you have images? Not saying you're wrong at all, and I would very much like to see them, as I continue to collect data on my modeled road.

I also have a D&H "Offical Lists" from 1950, that has a complete freight car roster. It is currently on loan, or I would cross check the 15900-15949 numbers to see if they appear in that booklet.


Matt Forsyth

Modeling the D&H Penn Division
Erie Jefferson Division
in "O" Scale, Summer, 1952

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