Re: Gondolas with cement containers


Larry Sexton wrote:

I tend to think that the entry into my January 1942 ORER was based on an
announcement, maybe in Railway Age, that the D&H was ordering X number of
new cars since the gondolas weren't actually built until April 1942.

Don't forget that the D&H had hopper bottom USRA SS boxcars they used to
haul cement, and USRA 2-bay hopper cars they converted into covered hopper
cars for hauling cement in the mid-30s. Their bottle gons were late-comers
to cement transport, and in fact, served as tankcar for hauling heating oil
to New England in the winter of 1942-43 and possibly 43-44.

Appreciate the additional data; you might be right. Went back through my matertials, and found a bit more info. This was written in as additional notes in the '49 freight car diagram book.

"Series 15950-15969, 20 cars, built for the transporation of bulk cement containers. Obsoleted by covered hoppers in 1954 and returned to regular service, used to haul gasoline, 1943-1946."

A second note reads, "Series 15900-15914, 15 cars, identical to the bulk cement cars, except fitted to carry 12 'sugar cube' type containers for the tansportation of lime, no access openings in the cars sides"


Matt Forsyth

Modeling the D&H Penn Division
Erie Jefferson Division
in "O" Scale, Summer, 1952

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