Intermountain AAR 70-ton flatcars



In looking back at the archives I noted several discussions about the Intermountain 70 ton flatcars, which look very nice. There have been at least 3 releases since the car was first announced. I model just beyond the reaches of this list so I wanted to see which schemes should be on my personal buy list.

Which schemes have the most accurate paint and lettering? I noted a few cars that seemed to have overly large letters (B&O?), but since I don't have easy access to photos of all of these cars I am unsure. Has anyone made a list of cars that ranks them as dead on, close, and stand-ins?

I think NYC is in the dead on camp, hoping for confirmation.

Also, am I correct in noting the bulkheads are correct for B&O? I understand bulkheads were a railroad shop addition so finding more than one example is tough...

Thank you in advance,

David Lehlbach

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