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You have proof of this?

Clark Propst

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Yes, that was the primary destination, but carloads also went to Mason City for use in the cement plants. It was the nearest source for a necessary ingredient.

Cheers, Rick
Not in hand, but if I recall I read it in a CGW forum, posted by somebody with paper documentation. I can probably dig it up if you really need to see it. Did you think I made that up?

Regarding my comments about Florida phosphate, I specifically said "exported", and made no mention of phosphate distribution WITHIN the US. In the Midwest, the cost of rail transportation makes other, closer sources competitive. Deep-water vessels are the cheapest way on earth to transport bulk commodities, so if a customer on the other side of the globe is near a port on their end, Florida phosphate can compete with other sources. It is an example of the effect of transportation costs on the flow of bulk commodities, and therefore relevant to the discussion.

Cheers, Rick Aylsworth

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