Re: steel billets

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

On the 5th of January 1950 M&StL-IC time freight #94 was delayed 15
min. at Chaska MN for the emergency set out RDG 7321 (hot box) which was
carrying a load of steel billets.
I have purchased and assembled the Westerfield kit of this gondola. I
need to fabricate the load. Can someone please describe for me what
steel billets look like?
I have an old book called Osborne's Encylopedia, for the steel industry. It
says a billet is a steel bar, square or nearly square in cross section, with
a side measuring less than 5". Larger than 5" and it's called a bloom.
Billets are the raw material for a wire mill. They may also be used to make
flat bars.

Dave Nelson

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