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I haven't found the reference yet, but I will post it here when I do. Some of my saved links on that topic are dead. There has been some discussion of the SE MN deposits on the Orerail group in the past, and I recall that I found the info you are interested in while researching an answer to a question there. It may have been in a state or federal minerals yearbook or a similar publication. Virtually every cement plant receives some sort of iron-bearing material, so the Mason City plants had to get it somewhere. I understand your desire as a prototype modeler to have hard documentation.
Cheers, Rick

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Rick asked. "Did you think I made that up?"

No, but you had to have heard it somewhere.
I model Mason City and know someone modeling the CGW in SE MN.
If there's any documentation of loads into the MC plants or of loads out of SE MN mines other than to Granite City we would love to see it.
Clark Propst

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