Livestock Traffic Patterns was [Re: Cattle resting]


Schuyler Larrabee asked:
When stock cars were brought to a pen where the livestock was to be
rested and watered and fed, would the particular cars which the
stock was brought to the location be retained to be reloaded with
the same cattle?
Tony Thompson replied: Last time we discussed this, it was pointed
out that if the
arriving cars were foreign road cars, they would be unloaded and sent
homeward, and home road cars used for onward movement.

Does your reply imply that stock cars from railroads primarily west of
the Mississippi River would be less likely to appear in trains of
railroads east of the Mississippi?

Was livestock arriving in say St. Louis typically forwarded eastward?

Did eastern railroads use stock cars from western railroads to meet any
seasonal needs?

If previously discussed can someone provide references in the archives.


Bob Witt

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