Re: Tank Car Color Guide

David Sieber

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote: [re errata/addenda sheet for the Morning Sun "Pullman Standard Color Guide" book] "Dave, I was going to say it's online for anyone to see -- but the old Freightcars list archive has disappeared! I downloaded most of it years ago -- there was a tremendous amount of really good stuff posted there, and also to rec.models.railroad (remember that?) Anyway, here is Jim's post of 7/12/2000 to the old Freightcars mailing list. Please note that most but not all of the comments pertain to freight cars built after 1960."

Tim, greatly appreciate you sharing Jim Kinkaid's errata/addenda for the PS Color Guide, even if much of it is, as you noted, anachronistic for the STMFC. There is still info of value to folks on this list, especially those modeling transition/early diesel era.

Regretably, I can't say I remember either rec.model.railroad or the old Freightcars list; until I retired about 3 years ago, I was overseas for over 26 years with my only Internet access via strictly regulated DoD work PC. Access was totally blocked to freemail providers like Yahoo and Hotmail, and especially to group lists, instant messaging, and similar functions that MIGHT conceivably put the agency at greater risk for spam or hacking - our Info Security folks said they already were blocking over 50% of emails originating outside our agency network as junk, phishing, etc.! Everyone's computer usage - not just Internet use - was subject to random and directed review by IT; personnel were disciplined, some even terminated for improper use of a Govt computer/network. I felt lucky to have discovered (then) Ted Culotta's "Steam Era Freight Cars" website for occasional viewing and downloading - but only during lunch and after work hours...

Again, many thanks,
Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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