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Frank Pearsall

Good morning all:

Two observations here:

First, good caption writing is an art form unto itself. Caption writing can be the step-child to good writing and photographs.

The question in my mind is why does Mr. Yanosey at Morning Sun Books have this attitude towards proper historical fact recording? What, if anything can we all do to help him and other publishers do the right thing?

Frank Pearsall
Brevard, N.C.

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A number of lister's have praised the Morning Sun books because of the photos within. I agree that for the most part, the photos are excellent, but the fact remains that inaccurate captions pervert the history that the books are supposed to represent.

It is a lot of hubris for us to say that "We" don't care as "We" know where the photos were taken and what the subjects are. The point here is not whether "WE" know what is on the printed page, but what of those who follow us and what of the younger group of people who are just now new to this business of prototype railroading and have never seen the subjects that are within the covers of these books before?

We spend a lot of time on this list searching for correct information concerning the freight cars we want to model and document, in addition to information of the territories that they operated over. SO, from where I sit, we have a responsibility to point out and document the mistakes that are printed in these and other books for the sake of the younger generation that follows us to pick up from where we leave off! Many of our people are dying off, so if we are not around to show them the way, then at least we can make sure that the history (that's what these books are!) books are correct in what is printed!

This is why people like Richard Hendrickson, Tony Thompson, Bill Welch and many more take so much care in documenting the subjects in the books that they write.


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