Specialized Ore Cars and the Value of Captions

Don Strack

In a previous message thread, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

Captions have to tell you something more than what you can already see in the picture. "Here we see an SD-45 in full roar as it crosses the Delaware River on the Mill Rift bridge." Gee, even that caption has facts in it that MIGHT not be evident to a casual reader, but any ERIE/EL fan will know all that already. But captions that include year, month, date if possible, direction of the photo, locomotive or other equipment ID, location, reason you should look at the photo, etc., etc. are all reasons to buy a book. <<
Although not freight car related, I'm in the middle of a project to caption over 200 photos of "Bingham Canyon Railroads", each with no less than 50 words and no more than 70 words. It is proving to be a real test of my knowledge of the subject, and my ability to write about it.

Would anyone care to comment on the features of these heavy duty ore cars, such as truck design, air brakes, etc.


Don Strack

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