All Old Cars go to Alaska


Hi Guys,

I thought you'd be interested to hear about the old car I found in Anchorage the other day.

I'm up here on business--been here for a month--and have had some time to get out and do some railfanning on the Alaska RR. I came up here twelve years ago and found a wealth of old cars and other neat stuff. On this trip, I found the usual assortment of Pullman troop sleepers, 50' door-and-a-half boxcars, 1940-built gondolas of various types, and even a 1922-built ACF (?) flat car (it's exactly like the Tichy HO model). Yes, I plan to get these photos up on my PhotoPoint site when I get back home.

When I went out to shoot the flat car, I almost got in a single-car accident when I saw another ancient car in the Anchorage yards. There, in all it's splendor, was an operational ACF 6000 gallon tank car, built 1916. It's in MofW service but looks great and was clearly operational. Yes, I took photos and will get them up too. This car is exactly like the Precision Scale HO model (only the PS model is a 4000 gal version). I just couldn't beleive's got to be the oldest active car on American RRs.

I thought you'd enjoy the story. More to follow!

John Golden

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