Re: Specialized Ore Cars and the Value of Captions

Rod Miller

On 11/27/10 9:38 AM, Don Strack wrote:
Yes. They were only used in the Bingham Canyon mine, and along the Bingham&
Garfield in the steam era (1911-1948), and the Copperton Line in the
electric era (1948-1978) and the SD40-2 and GP39-2 diesel era (1978-2001).
But they were built to AAR standards since B&G was technically a common
carrier. Prior to 1911 when the B&G was completed as a Utah Copper
subsidiary, all ore was moved by way of the RGW/D&RG which in 1905 purchased
control of the Shay-powered Copper Belt Railway. When the Copper Belt went
into operation in 1901 the road used steel gondolas, which were nicknamed
"battleships." There are distant photos from the 1903 era showing a Shay
gingerly bringing its limit of three "battleships" down to the RGW
connection at Bingham.

Don Strack

On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 9:32 AM,<otask@...> wrote:

Don, nice find.

Am I correct to assume these cars would only have been found in captive
service between Kennecott mines and the smelter?
Regards, Otto
Don, do you have any information on the ore cars used by
Kennecott in Nevada before they dieselized? I recall a
box on a platform, some with outside ribs and some with
smooth sides. Sometime after I left Ely in the mid-50's
those cars were replaced by the cars that you see there



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