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Greg Martin

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John's Announcement reminds us that we are focusing on a basis of first
come first serve for those who have never had an opportunity to participate In
Shake N Take before.

As of this morning I have filled ten spots and we are looking to fill the
balance of the spots with those that are interested in attending and
building this kit.

If there are spots remaining going into the event we will fill the
openings from the list of those that have shown an interest and have attended in
the past. I have that list as well in order of receipt via my email.

Greg Martin

Announcing Proto Rails 2011 Shake-N-Take:

This year's Shake-N-Take (HO scale) will be the construction and detailing
of a 35 ton wooden body meat reefer representing the NADX 3600 series in
service to HORMEL and will be presented by John Greedy.

This year, in order to promote new and FIRST-TIME participants in the
Shake-N-Take experience, registration will be limited to 24 participants
first-come, first served with preference to FIRST-TIMER's (using the honor system
of past attendance records). Also, due to the current national economics,
there will be a $10.00 surcharge, payable at the clinic door for all
participants. Participants will receive a basic kit, custom decals and valuable
techniques and hand-out.

Send your registration request (NO MONEY - $10.00 at the clinic door!) to
Greg Martin at _TGREGMRTN@aol.com_ ( .

For information, dates and registration for Proto Rails 2011 see the
official web site: _

Note: John Greedy will first present a clinic on HORMEL with an overview
of the history, equipment and operations of Hormel plants. Following the
HORMEL clinic will be the Shake-N-Take clinic.

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