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In 1941, the Wabash converted 250 of the 22000-22499 double sheathed
automobile cars into steel side box cars with 10-panel sides. The cars had a 40'-6"IL, and 9'-2"IH like the 1934,8-panel side rebuilts,
but were three inches wider at 9'-0"IW. The cars retained the radial roofs from the original cars, making them the only rebuilt cars on the Wabash to have that type roof. Cars had 7/8 corrugated ends and Vulcan trucks rated at 40 tons. Youngstown corrugated and Superior 7-panel doors were both used on the cars. Cars were numbered 82600-82849.

I forgot to mention that one of these cars, 82697, is still in existence at the Monticello, IL museum, and is often used in their
freight train consist. Car was repainted several years ago and the
lettering is close, but not quite the right style. They also have a
full size Speedwitch Wabash single sheath auto car.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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