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Jim Lancaster

Interesting photos taken in the area south of Cheviot Hills in West Los Angeles. They bring back lots of memories. I lived in Cheviot Hills and went to school at the Overland Avenue Elementary School from mid-1943 to March 1947. The PE Air Line ran right behind the school. This photo ( was taken fairly close to the school. I recall seeing similar trains in the 40s.

Jim Lancaster

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7d. Re: Pacific Electric Railway Reefer String
Posted by: "Benjamin Hom" b.hom@... benjaminfrank_hom
Date: Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:26 pm ((PST))

Bob Chapparo wrote:
"While browsing for something else I stumbled across a rare photo of a
Pacific Electric Railway freight box motor with a string of ice bunker
reefers in color! The first reefer is a PFE. I can't determine
the others.

Here is the link:

Scroll down about one-quarter of the page to see the subject photo.

This photo was taken by prolific PE photographer Alan K. Weeks."

I especially like the photos of Freight Motor 1613 with a train of house cars
that includes a PRR Class X29B and ACL automobile boxcars at the head of the
train. I love using photos like this to educate west coast modelers about the
need for cars from "those eastern railroads".

Ben Hom

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