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Just a bit more information on this so that everyone knows what's going on....

For the past several months, basically 2 guys, Clint Hyde & Dave Emery, have been hard at work producing a replacement for the Model Railroad Magazine Index that Kalmbach used to host. My involvement was just trying to break things as they built them up and general kibitzing.

Thanks to the NMRA and several (many now) other data sources, he's been able to load a large amount of data.

The approach for this is 'crowdsourcing', we want people to add/update entries, as well as to query the database. If each person adds or corrects entries for just a few magazines, everyone will benefit.

Right now they're providing a pubic beta for the next couple of weeks at

This is running on Dave's home office server so he would like you to use it only in the evenings, and he reserves the right to take the system down if the load gets too great.

Our hope is that NMRA will eventually host this on their servers.

Martin Brechbiel

--- In STMFC@..., Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...> wrote:

Chuck Hladik wrote:
"To my knowledge, Clint Hyde is doing/redoing the list for the NMRA. Clint
says that it will be bigger than Kalmbach's. Probably because he'll be
doing more than just their pubs. That address is"

...except that the magazine index hosted by Kalmbach DID include a wide spectrum
of non-Kalmbach publications.  What are you basing this assertion on, Chuck?

Ben Hom

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