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david zuhn

I wrote Kalmbach an email asking if the DVD format is Acrobat
(PDF file) or something else. I will be greatly disappointed if
they chose to save the magazine files in some mysterious/proprietary
format -- mainly because in 10-15 years there may be no way to read
them, while PDF will likely be with us forever.
I asked them about this at Trainfest, and the plan is PDF files. It may be
one file per page, but with 2 DVD-ROMs full of the complete issues (ads and
all). They even considered selling a USB stick with the full contents, but
stuck with DVDs.

Planning for doing this for MR is still in the works, but clearly on
everyone's mind.

I wonder how they'll handle those multi-page fold outs in an
electronic format? Remember those awesome EMD advertising inserts
in the 1960's in Trains?
Everything scanned is in one standard page size increments, with no
particular attention to get everything in multi-page spreads to align

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