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It sure is a baggage car: see Tom Christensen's post. But, what in the world was it doing there?

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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It looks like SAL 301 is listed as BAG, could it be a baggage car? Be nice to throw one into one of my 1930s SP Oregon freights.

To all who thanked me on and off line you are more then welcome. This is the first book of this type I have ever found and it is so interesting it had to be shared in a way others could use it also.

Larry Castle - Seattle

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Neat stuff! Thanks for sharing.

At a quick glance: lots of home-road cars (SP/T&NO). Occasional eastern cars (DL&W/Erie as well as Penna/NYC/subsidiaries). The only two SAL cars I noticed were a 15000-series box ('24 ARA SS, class B-5) and SAL 301, which is I have no idea what. Not familiar with that number series and can't read the car type, which however is *not* "B". Three-digit numbers normally belonged to passenger cars.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Dear List,

I recently acquired a SP Freight Conductor's Train Book from Jack Bowden and want to share it. The conductor's name could not be read from the cover, the location is on the S.P.'s Modoc Line mostly between Alturas and Wendel during 1938 and 1939. This is the line connecting S.P.'s Oregon operations to the Overland route at Fernley Nevada.

I scanned each page and put them in the photo section at:


Larry Castle - Seattle

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