Re: ID these ends and roof?

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 2, 2010, at 11:31 AM, mark_mathu wrote:

Given the limited view available in this image, how would you
classify the ends and roof of this prototype car, rebuilt from a
wood reefer in the 1950s?
WRX 9412, 1963

Would that be a 5/5/5 Murphy end and a 16-panel Murphy roof?
Mark, the origins of that car are easy to identify, and it wasn't a
rebuilt wood reefer, though that's an assumption that's easy to
make. The 5-5-5 corrugated ends date from its original building as
a USRA wood sheathed box car. The roof is unique - I don't know what
to call it - but only one RR rebuilt its USRA cars into steel
sheathed cars (with 8 panels per side, in this case) and put that 15-
rib radial steel roof on them, and that was the Detroit, Toledo &
Ironton. So this is a former DT&I USRA rebuild which WRX acquired
second hand and converted into an RB by fitting it with sliding plug
doors and insulation.

Richard Hendrickson

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