Re: livestock shipments

Doug Polinder


Wonderful interview; thanks for preserving that for us.

Note that the origin of feeder calves to which the gentleman referred is Marfa, Texas, not "Marva."  This is on the Espee just west of Paisano Pass between Alpine and El Paso, and the area is well suited for grazing, in addition to being starkly beautiful.  It is between the southern end of the Rocky Cordillera and the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert and averages probably close to a mile in altitude (Alpine is about 4500 and El Paso is 3750).  Marfa is where "Giant," with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean, was filmed in 1956.

I have not been able to pin him down on this yet, but I have a friend in San Antonio who states he was present the last time livestock were loaded on the SP in West Texas, near Maxon (population 0, between Alpine and Sanderson), and has been trying to locate his family's pictures of the event.  Although this would have been after the cutoff date of this list, I am curious where livestock might have been loaded in this part of Texas (into steam era stock cars, natch).

Doug Polinder

Grand Rapids MI

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