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George Losse

The change from Roman lettering to the "Speed Lettering" happened dring the purchasing of the HTv class of offset twins. The first three orders 1950 83000-83999, 1951 84000-84999, and 1952 85000-85999 had Roman Lettering as built.

The 1955 order of HTv 86000-86999 and the 1957 order 87000-87999 were built with "Speed Lettering" applied.

All of the HTv's were built with the "Worlds Largest Anthracite Carrier" logos.

George Losse

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The herald was still being applied to two-bay hoppers when the speed lettered road name appeared.  One photo of a new car with the speed lettering and red herald also shows hoppers in the background with the smaller Roman road name and no herald.   So at least the late 50s.
Interesting note.  The herald went into use when the Reading was well aware that Antharcite production was plummeting and bridge traffic had become the company's staple.  In fact, bituminous coal was becoming the predominant coal haulage.  Credit a Pennsylvania senator for prolonging Anthracite's loadings as he succeeded in passing a bill requiring the use of Anthracite for heating our military bases in Germany. (The Cold War became Anthracite coal's friend.)
Evan Leisey
Bennett, CO

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  In RDG Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, there is a photo of a
freshly painted HTf with the red logo dated 7/10/44, with a reweigh date that
month, and the caption notes this is an early date for that logo.  A caption for
an HTv with "speed" lettering states that the herald was "still being applied in
late 1955".

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ

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Can anyone tell me when the RDG began using the red "Worlds Largest Anthracite
Carrier" logos on its new hopper cars, as well as on older cars that were
repaired and repainted in the company's shops? Also, how long would older cars
without that logo have been seen in service? Tony Wagner

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