Re: Plan 2b Single door Round Roof car

Bill Lane


Thanks again for the reply. It is the flush roof. I thought I had the on line N&W photos but cannot find them.


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Bill Lane asked:
"Switching to plan 2b - what else besides the PRR can I do a single door car
as? We are not looking for a rivet by rivet correct car, but something that

I'm on my way out the door in a few minutes - you need to answer one
important question: what type of roof does your model have?

If it's the earlier "inset" roof, you're limited to PRR.

If it's the later "flush" roof, your other possibility is N&W.

SAL is bogus due to different ends and side sheathing.

If someone doesn't beat me to it tonight, I'll post number series and some
links to builders photos in the Virginia Tech N&W Collection.

Ben Hom

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