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anthony wagner

Thanks very much for this info. A friend and I actually model the NYC & PRR in
central Pennsylvania circa 1949 but RDG hoppers were pretty commonplace,
especially if one includes the RDG connection at Newberry Jct. Just wanted to
portray the RDG's cars correctly. Tony Wagner

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On Dec 8, 2010, at 10:44 AM, tonyw738 wrote:

Can anyone tell me when the RDG began using the red "Worlds Largest
Anthracite Carrier" logos on its new hopper cars, as well as on
older cars that were repaired and repainted in the company's shops?

That scheme came into being circa 1942 (IIRC). George Losse's
excellent page on READING hoppers (
shamokin/?p=2776) has a nice photo of HTf 87994 reweighed STC 12-43.

Also, how long would older cars without that logo have been seen in
Cars in the older scheme lasted past WWII. There is at least one,
perhaps more photos in the Kline & Culotta Postwar Freight Car Fleet


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It wasn't a hopper photo that came up when I hit that truncated link!

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