Re: Athearn SFRD 50' Reefer and Accumate Proto:HO

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Here's my easy solution with Athearn freight cars -- build the
car with the weight INSIDE the car, and the wood floor turned
upside down so the floorboards are underneath. This is so easy,
obvious and improves the appearance so much that I am amazed
that Athearn hasn't done it for the last 40 years.
Thanks Tim,

I probably wasn't too clear with my question...

I've read your solution in the archives and for a regular Athearn "blue box" kit I agree that the Accumate install is really easy when you turn the floor upside down. However, this 50' SFRD reefer is trying to simulate "an improved version of the Duryea underframe" (per Richard Hendrickson in Sep 2006 RMJ) and it's not clear to me:

a) whether the Accumate long narrow box, designed for minimal overhang and close coupling, is consistent with the desired appearance, and

b) how much of the underframe one would want to whack away to make room for the Accumate box.

Maybe a better phrasing of the question is can the Accumate ProtoHO be installed to simulated the extended draft gear box seen with a Duryea underframe.


Charles Hostetler
Goshen IN

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