Re: Unsual routings?


Posted by: "Anthony Thompson" thompson@... sigpress
Thu Dec 9, 2010 11:56 am (PST)

Richard Hendrickson knows more about SFRD than I do, but I'd
guess that these two carloads represent confiscation of empty SFRD
cars by the local railroad to serve Green Giant. In January, SFRD may
not have minded.

Green Giant had many canning plants in southern Minnesota.
Shipping in a reefer in January makes sense.
This type of shipper specified routing was use of something that might be brokered (resold) enroute. The MNS even published a pamphlet on the time to travel various routes for lumber from the northwest.
When sold a diversion would be issued and the car routed direct to the end customer.

Howard Garner

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