Re: Athearn SFRD 50' Reefer and Accumate Proto:HO

Tim O'Connor

Charles, sorry I didn't realize you meant the new SFRD ice reefer.
I have the model and also the Overland brass version, and it seems
to me that Athearn cut a lot of corners, no doubt to keep down the
tooling costs, as the prototype underframe is far more elaborate
than your typical vanilla Duryea. I imagine that to model just the
Duryea draft gear it might be easier to scratchbuild your own gear
from strip styrene and use a Kadee whisker coupler. These fit into
a smaller (narrower) box than the old #5's did.

Denny, Accurail sells all of their floors as separate detail parts.
They're well well done, and quite cheap to buy. If you have any old
Front Range box car kits, cut out the floor, throw out the underframe,
and the Accurail is a drop-in. Well worth the trouble IMO.

Tim O'Connor

Although for a different car, Jim Singer tells me that the Accurail 40' boxcar underframe can be an excellent -and superior- replacement for that on the Athearn 40 footers. Now, don't interpret this as my saying that you should purchase an Accurail boxcar kit merely as an organ donor....

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