Re: New ART Steel Reefer Runs Now Available

Tim O'Connor


But then, there's that famous color photo of hundreds of ART reefers
in Grand Junction Colorado in the late 1950's and NOT ONE yellow ART
reefer can be seen. Every one of the cars has a Wabash flag on it.

However, I have seen other, later color photos of ART RBL's that do
appear to be more on the yellow side -- and yet some photos do show
a definite light orange color, and some even show DARK BLUE paint.
Again, these are all Wabash era cars. Personally I'm convinced that
ART was painting everything a light orange color in the 1950's, and
some RBL's may have gotten a lighter color, almost yellow, later.

I agree they went to a deeper orange color when N&W took over.

Maybe after Roger Hinman finishes the MDT book and Bill Welch the
FGE book, someone with the knowledge will write the definitive book
on ART! :-)

Tim O'Connor

And looking at the '60 car, it's got yellow sides, and the photo shows
orange sides.
I think that's fine (if I follow what you're saying)-- 1960 they were still yellow; after N&W logo replaced Wabash in 1964, orange came in.
Scott Pitzer

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